There is a lot of misinformation about reciprocal linking. Many webmasters will say that reciprocal linking is a sketchy deal behind closed doors kind of thing. It's really not if you follow the following rules. When you post a link to another website make sure you have that link on a page with related, relevant, and quality content. Tell the user what they will find on the other website and try to add your own creative ideas and additional information if you have some. You really should only be linking to other websites that you understand with topics that really interest you. If you find a website that compliments the content on your website, write a nice paragraph or two about the content and provide 1 link in the middle of that. Then, send an email to the webmaster asking for the same sort of write up and link back to you. Never just link to a bunch of other websites with little or no write up about what exactly you are linking to.

You want a human to be able to read at least a few sentences before they see your link and then know exactly what they expect to find on the other website that you're linking to. If you know that a human will benefit from content on another domain, you're going to make other people happy and more likely to just give you a free non-reciprocal link. These non-reciprocal back links will take time, but they are worth the wait. That's where you really hit the jack pot. When other related websites just start linking to you because they love the content you provide, you're golden.