Most of this website is devoted to teaching you how to make a cryptocurrency on BSC for less than a few dollars. If you want to know how to create a cryptocurrency coin on the Binance Smart Chain, this website is for you. After you create your token using my short youtube videos and links to other youtube videos, you'll need to download the Metamask Chrome plugin and set it up for the Binance Smart Chain Network. Then, you'll want to add your coin to Pancakeswap. After that, you should add some portion of these tokens to a liquidity pool. That way, others can swap into your token using BNB. That just an overview and should be enough information for you to think about before you decide if you want to go ahead and make your own cryptocurrency.

I challenge you to search on youtube for "how to create a cryptocurrency". Near the top of the results, you'll find the video that has complete instructions. It's by far the easiest to follow and if you take the time to read the comments, far more people are having success with his instructions than any other tutorial. The videos is by Full Value Dan and is titled "How to make a cryptocurrency for less than $2". With Full Value Dan, all you need is a web ccbrowser to follow his instructions.

There's is another recent video by Network Chuck that was recently created, but it will take you more than two or three hours and lots of coffee to get through all his instructions for creating a coin on the Solana network. He makes it almost impossible to copy and paste all the commands that he uses and seems to leave out a few pieces of crucial information. Read the comments of his video if you don't believe me. If you ask me, I think he is trying to get you to sign up for his premium content. Pretty sneaky. You'll also need a linux machine and Network Chuck seems to be interested in pushing his linode affiliate link to get you hooked storing your cryptocurrency on their remote servers. However, if you're like me and countless others, you'll get stuck along the way. I've posted the error message that I got stuck and and Chuck has not responded.

I highly recommend the video by Full Value Dan. I've created 3 tokens already using his instructions, and I can create more in less than a few minutes time now. If you can copy and paste and enter the name of your new token, a symbol name. and a number for the total supply of tokens, you can create a token with his instructions. As always, please send me your questions and comments in the form below.